Reparent a post

Is it possible to reparent a post in a topic?

Especially, when someone posts a comment as an answer (when using the Question Answer Plugin), and someone posts a comment to an answer as an answer…

You should consider asking plugin specific questions in the plugin topic as those are usually not officially supported.

But yes you can select posts using the wrench command and move them.


I think by “reparent a post in a topic” the OP means “inside the same topic”. That is, to edit the reply-to information of a post, while keeping the post in the same position and in the same topic.

Unfortunately, that is not directly possible with the user interface. The method described by @merefield allows to move a post to a different topic. There are only options that take a bit more effort:

Make into an answer by moving to a different topic and back again

Use the method described by @merefield to move the comment to a new topic, and then move it back to the topic it came from. That will delete its reply-to information, effectively transforming the comment (reply to a post) into an answer (reply to the topic / to the very first post).

Make into a comment by deleting and re-creating it

You would, as an admin user:

  1. Post a new comment under your own account.

  2. Transfer ownership to the old user using the feature hidden behind the “…” button of the post.

  3. Delete the original comment that you re-posted.

Alternatively, you can use the “Impersonate” feature to post directly under the user’s account. In both cases, there is no way in the user interface to change the timestamp to that of the original comment.

Use the database

You’d edit the database information directly, using the Rails console for example. See also.


Thanks, but @tanius is right, I’d like to reparent in the same topic.

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