Replace the text of the citation function with quotation marks

Hello, please, when I want to quote, and I would like to have this same function, but instead of the whole text, I would like to put only quotation marks, would it be possible?


If I understand it correctly you want to post an empty quote?

That is possible but you have to write something outside [quote] in the post to not be empty.

[quote="Juraj Štefánik, post:1, topic:233145, username:Juraj_Štefánik"]


No no no, I want the text to be replaced by only quotation marks and the functionality to remain

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I see, sorry my badÔÇŽ I think that is not possible.

I think it is possible to amend the buildQuote function, but the more of that quote code you remove the less functionality it will have.


[quote="Juraj Štefánik, post:3, topic:233145, username:Juraj_Štefánik"]

[quote="Juraj Štefánik"]


If I have also misunderstood then you might need to mockup a screenshot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I thought he wants to replace the

[quote="Juraj Štefánik, post:3, topic:233145, username:Juraj_Štefánik"]

To show only " quotaion mark.

Not sure but maybe the blockquote could be an option too.

> In the beginning of the line.

In the beginning of the line.

Or use the blockquote button in composer.


But yeah a mockup would be great :slightly_smiling_face: