Replies, Views, Activity sorter doesn't sort on a tags page

Clicking about on Stonehearth, trying to figure out a tags problem for @jomaxro , i came across a bug with the sort filters on a tag page. Same bug on my instance.


I can confirm this, thanks @GSeven! Never bothered trying to sort topics on a tags page…

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I don’t know if this helps or hurts but I did a little digging here. I wanted to create a query string to show only open topics with a tag but the url won’t work.

From what I could see, the method that’s called, show_latest, is fired twice. The first time around the sorting works. But something pulls the parameters before the second round and then it fails.

That’s all I know.


Also, after looking for a solution here on Meta, these are likely related:

I know it is a bit late here, but it looks like it is working fine now. tags intersection page may still have some issues but a single tag works fine.