Reply button partially hidden on Chrome mobile

Did a quick search and don’t think this has been reported before:
Updated everything and did a rebuild yesterday but since then on the mobile view (chrome latest) at the bottom of a thread the reply button and surrounding furniture is partially hidden:

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I can’t reproduce this issue here. Does it occur if you use safe-mode?

Can you share a link to the site you’re seeing it on?


try this on chrome, mobile

aaaaah safe mode does fix it, looks like the theme. That give me something to think about…

The issue is most likely caused by this element

Notice how it’s outside of the #main element? We use some javascript to position the topic-progress widget that’s based on the difference between the height of the #main div and <body> tag.

This element in your theme is interfering with that.

I’m assuming that the element is added with JavaScript. So, remove whatever JavaScript you’re using to add that and add the HTML directly to your theme if possible.

Add this in the common > footer tab

<p style="text-align:center;">
  <a href="">Hosted using Digital Ocean</a>

This should give you the same results without interfering with the topic-progress widget.


Wow, fixed straight away! I was just getting hands dirty with the CSS I did for the theme about 3 years ago, saved me an utter nightmare, thank you so much @Johani !!!

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