"reply by email" for former Yahoo group->everything to same topic

I’m setting up my first Discourse instance in part to replace a Yahoo Group. I’ve got reply-by-email working as well as the “new topic” email address.

I see that when one replies-by-email, the subject line of the email message is ignored.

The Yahoo Group email behavior is different, in that a changed subject line leads to a new “topic” (of sorts). I expect that my migrated-from-Yahoo users will default to replying, change the subject line, but then clog up the old Discourse topic with irrelevant posts. (I can “move posts” of course, but don’t want to rely on that.)

  1. Can I add a “per category” message to the footer, e.g. “To create a new topic, please click here or send email to category17@mydiscoursehost.com”?

  2. And of course some will ignore #1, alas. So I’d also be grateful for UX/design thoughts on how to handle this.

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