Reply by Email, Gsuite, Limited users, Aliases?

Hey everyone. I’m transitioning to gsuite for our business and have a possible future problem. Users (aka actual unique email inboxes) cost $ so I would like to minimize them.

Current I have two pop boxes on our old system. One is outgoing (community@…com) and the other is incoming (communityreplies@…com). This works great however when we move to Gsuite I’d like to not pay for two accounts.

Ideally outgoing and incoming would be the same (community@…com).

Question One:
Would it break something if I set the reply email to the outgoing? After all, the actual replies are tagged (google supports this address method) so by default this should route properly correct?

Question Two:
If this doesn’t work, could I set up a re-route where replies sent to communityreplies@…com change the envelope recipient to community@…com?

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Here’s what I’d do: Straightforward direct-delivery incoming mail


One mailbox can have multiple aliases, so yes this will work.

That said, Google don’t allow you to use gmail or gsuite to relay bulk mail. When they catch it they suspend the entire GSuite account, it’s really not worth the risk. You’re going to need to use something else, I would suggest one of the recommended mail providers to send your outbound messaging. Many of them offer tiers which are free for smaller communities.

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Awesome. That is the way to go!

and @Stephen the forum is user support only so very small (< 400 emails per day for user notices).

I think it will hold with current restrictions but maybe I’m missing something?


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If you’re ok with risking your whole gsuite account over a free alternative it’s on you. We won’t support it at all.

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–> I’m not. I’m testing the free alt and also inquiring about this from google too.