Best practice for reply by email address

Continuing the discussion from Set up reply via email support:

Am in need of a sanity check :scream:

I have set up a dedicated Google Apps account with aliases configured in Discourse in the following way:

  • → bound to a private group hello
  • alias → bound to a category dev

We’re merging in a mailing list, and the dev category will represent that traffic. To create a new post in the category you have to email the alias

Everything is working as expected… only when i look at my settings for reply by email address i have second thoughts:

All reply-to traffic is going to – would i be better off making all reply-to traffic go through instead?

At this point it seems counter intuitive to be creating topics through an email address that is different to the reply-to address. Has anyone got any real world experience in this area?

I would create another alias for the replies: Use that for the reply by address. Then you don’t have to worry about overlap from either one.