Reply by email Issues

I set up reply by email using the below guide:

I set it up using gmail account, and followed all the instructions listed in that guide (including trying both to use an app password and a separate attempt with ’ access from less secure apps’ turned on.

My forum does seem to poll the remote inbox for emails (as I can see in the received emails log the initial gmail welcome emails were seen by the forum). However when I reply to a topic via email the message doesn’t appear in either the inbox I setup or the forum. Additionally there are no logs that provide any feedback on the request, neither on the side of the sender or on discourse/the gmail inbox to indicate what might be going on. I have checked ~/logs as well and not seen any indication of the email being received or seen. The complete radio silence has me rather stumped. I would expect either a bounce message on the sender side or something indicating an error on the discourse side.

Is there any advice or maybe a more updated set of instructions I should follow that might help me resolve this?


Anything in Admin - Emails - Rejected or Admin - Emails - Received ?

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If you don’t find anything in Discourse as @RGJ suggests, did you check the GMail account’s spam folder? Alternatively, could there be a filter in the GMail account which is causing the email(s) to skip the inbox?

If you aren’t receiving a bounce email, that suggests the GMail account has received it (assuming the To address was correct) so it will probably be in one of All Mail, Spam or Bin.

The only emails that are there are the initial couple emails gmail sends to itself when you open an account (welcome email etc). Based on that being there I believe the polling is correct.

That was my thought initially as well, but when I check the spam folder I don’t see it, and it is a fresh account, so unless there is a default setting I am not seeing that is filtering emails (besides spam) I would expect it to show up there.