Reply-by email POP3 polling hosted with roundcube

I have configured that is hosted using roundcube, to handle reply to topics by email. It used to be a different GSuite email id which was working smoothly. I followed all the steps in this post.

When I send a mail directly to, it gets logged under rejected mail as intended.
Screenshot from 2020-08-21 22-51-08
This means that POP3 polling is indeed happening.

But replies to notification emails does not get posted. I have a feeling this is because of the way slugged emails are being handled. I’m able to see the emails in the web-client, so I know the slugged emails are also getting delivered correctly. Yet they are not showing up in ‘Received’ emails in discourse. They do not get deleted either, even though I had enabled pop3_polling_delete_from_server and other mails were getting deleted after polling.

What am I missing?

My error logs are clean. All the posts here only mention configuring with some kind of 3rd-party email services. My notification mail id, used for outgoing mails is also hosted from roundcube and that works fine.

The issue is fixed. It was the way slug mails were being handled. It was creating a separate folder dynamically instead of directly putting it in inbox.

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