Reply indicators not suppressed

I noticed sometimes the 1 reply indicator shows up even though the “suppress reply directly below” option is active.
The problem appears on different Discourse sites, so it is not related to the design experiment. However, the design experiment makes them show on mobile. Since I usually read here using my phone, that’s why I notice them more often now.
After another forum I use very often was updated in the middle of January, I noticed more reply indicators there too. That does not really help to find out when something changed, because the update before was in August.

I tried to find steps to reproduce but I haven’t been successful to find something all posts have in common. So I think there is more than one issue.

(1) One way I can definitely reproduce the issue is by quoting post #1 in post #2.
That happened, for example, here and here. I’ll also try to trigger that in a reply to this post.

However, it also happens at other posts, which are not the first post, where there is also no invisible post in between (I checked the post numbers).

(2) For some of those posts, I was able to find the reason, e.g., here Introducing Experimental Form Templates - #17 by Canapin I think the indicator appears because the reply is a reply to 3 posts, which all show the indicator. Even the last one, which is directly above. But i’m not sure whether this is the reason. So this could be the same issue as (3).

(3) But there are other posts where I don’t notice any reason why the indicator is not suppressed. (Though I cannot check whether there was, e.g., a second reply to that post, which was deleted, but still triggers the indicator)
(A) Link to raw markup for topic / message - #2 by JammyDodger
(B) Introducing Experimental Form Templates - #55 by sunjam
(C) Discourse Build Error: “An error occurred while installing rbtrace (0.5.1), and Bundler cannot continue - #14 by stance455

(4) While searching for examples here at meta, something drove me crazy: Sometimes reply indicators appear, but after clicking them, they disappear. Even refreshing does not bring them back. I think the posts are exactly at the preload border. So one was loaded before the other is loaded.
I recorded two examples. This is the link to the post of the first screencast. When I scroll through the topic, the reply indicator is displayed below the post. Sometimes I can even click on it, but at the end, it disappears.

In the second video, I started at the bottom, you can see the indicator that the post is a reply disappearing. Link to post

(5) While looking at all those replies, I also noticed Private sub-category email-in Discourse::InvalidAccess - #11 by hellekin which shows the first post as a reply because it contains a quote of the last post. I find it a little confusing that a post which is older shows up as a reply. At least the “jump to post” arrow points in the wrong direction.

Here is a reply quoting the first post.

I think I’ve found the steps for those now, too.

You have to use the general reply button and then add a quote of the post above. So I think the copy quote button could be a reason why more of those appeared recently.

So (2) & (3) are the same.

A quote of the post above to trigger the reply indicator.

I noticed another one:
When replies are hidden because you ignore a user, the reply indicator can also appear. It disappears when you change the ignore status back to normal or click to view the hidden post.

The ignore was just to demonstrate the issue, not because I usually ignore the user.

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