Reports > Top Traffic Sources - Topics Stat Issue

So for the report ‘Top Traffic Sources’, I believe there is a bug for the ‘Topics’ stats. Unless I am misunderstanding the report.

The issue is that when you adjust the date range, the Topics count doesn’t seem to adjust to match the time frame, those values seems mostly unaffected by changing the time frame. I’d guess that the amount is fixed to the last 30/31 day period. The amount of clicks per source does adjust as expected for different time frames.

I’m under the impression that:
Clicks = Amount of clicks from external sources within the selected time frame.
Topics = Amount of unique topics, that these clicks arrived to per external source.

If I adjust the time frame for this report to say, a period of 1 day. I see a ‘Topics’ amount that is higher than the amount of total clicks for each source. Which isn’t possible, unless I’m misunderstanding the report.

Observed on 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 stable.


Something is wrong with the date filer on that report. I can reproduce the issue you’re describing with the Top Traffic Sources report on Meta.