Repositioning the category description alongside category logo on mobile view


When viewing Discourse on mobile (and with the mobile view enabled) the category description isn’t shown. I have changed the CSS so that is displays using the below rule:

.category-description {
    display: table-row !important;

However, the description appears below the category logo. Is there any way you can reposition the description so that it sits to the right of the icon? I’m aiming to move it from where it currently is (red box) to the blue box in this screenshot:



I’m still struggling with this having spent the last 2 days experimenting with CSS. From what I can see, in mobile view, the category logo and category description are displayed within a table and each are on a different row. So can I technically achieve the positioning I describe in the image above? I’m not a CSS expert so I’d love to hear whether this is possible before I waste another day on this. Thanks!