How Can I Set Mobile Category Page Style?

I’ve set up a my discourse forum with desktop category page style “boxes with featured topics”. This works great on Desktop and I’ve made modifications via CSS to the point where I have what I want for my desktop view.

However, when I change over to mobile view I lose the “boxes with featured topics” look and get something more like “Categories Only” page style. Is there a simple way to set the mobile view also to “boxes with featured topics”?

The mobile categories page really only has one style at this point. It’s probably closest aligned with the desktop’s “boxes with featured topics” option, but throws in a few extra stats. Here’s what they look like non-customized on desktop and mobile:

Can you elaborate on which aspects are proving challenging to style in a similar way to your desktop customizations? I might be able to give you some pointers.

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I’m facing something similar. Our site wants to have a simpler front, with fewer links where we list major categories so people choose their areas to go into, including th category description:

Bu on mobile, I cannot seem to get a categories only, I get Categories with featured topics (and no description)

So I am guessing from above this is the only option on mobile?

There might be enough functionality to get what you need with this little Mobile Category List Adjustments component. See what you think.

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Wow thanks, that’s really close.

What I need is the category description, now it’s just an icon and a title. But I think for now I can live with showing three top topics. I had no idea the mobile theme was limited here.

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Hello! :slight_smile:
I’m sorry, I know how to deal with CSS but it escapes me how to handle it on mobile. I want to close the gap between the categories, to get the layout to look just like in desktop (and to compress the interface a little bit more). Can you please point me to what element should I call with CSS? Or at least how to get it?

I think this might help, i’ve been wanting to do the same thing Enhanced category-box display component - #11 by Fma965