Request: Granular API scope for "make post wiki"

I’m making an API-based connector for fedocal to Discourse. My intention is to write calendar-plugin formatted posts. I’d like these posts to be wikified, so that people can correct them, add notes, etc., without having to go back to the calendar app.[1]

I can use the API to make the replies wiki posts, but only using a global key. I thought the posts: edit scope would do it, but that’s getting me 403 errors. And anyway, I don’t actually want to allow edit, just wikification. (I’ve set the site trust level to wikify posts to 0, by the way — I expect in practice for the users owning the posts to all be tl3+. But anyway, that’s not it.)

  1. because I’m only going to go so far with this and want to cheap out on making the connector notice changes to the source and update posts and stuff. ↩︎