Request: have discobot tutorial actually edit its post to clear flag

Just a nice-to-have: The discobot tutorial should actually write something bad like “Bots are better than you lousy humans”, then after the flagging, the original should actually get edited and change as part of removing the flag.


If we wanted to get super fancy it could demonstrate the entire flow:

  1. Bot says “Bots are better than humans, flag this post”
  2. User flags
  3. Post becomes hidden
  4. 10 seconds pass
  5. Post shows up again with “Bots are better than humans” edited out.

We are experiencing confusion in flagged topics, which I believe are just users flagging the PM’s with discobot. While I think this is what’s happening, it’s still confusing to me and definitely to my moderators.

Along with:

However when clicking on the link I get the following message “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

Which I assume is because mods can’t see PM’s.

Is that what this topic is discussing?

Unlikely, what you describe sounds like users flagging incorrectly, e.g. flagging with a type of “other” instead of what discobot directs them to do, flag as “inappropriate”


That sounds about right. It’s happened about 3 times for us in the last 300 or so users we on boarded. At least it’s pretty obvious with the “Greeting” title.


Yeah there’s only one out of four flag options which would cause that. I believe any flag type other than “other” will work for this step @tgxworld?

Odd I thought we disabled the notify user flag option for bot users at some point. I’ve fixed it in