Discobot tutorial generating modmail

This is effectively a followup to Discobot tutorial gets stuck if 'something else' flag type is selected. While the tutorial no longer gets stuck, it still generates a message to the moderators. Obviously this is something that many folks trip up on during the tutorial — it’s happened four times in the last 10 days on our site — and the discussions here show folks had been getting stuck prior to the fix. The prompt says to flag it as inappropriate — and while I read that as “use the inappropriate reason,” it’s written in a natural way that I can see missing inappropriate as an important keyword to match.

You already hide/dismiss the flag, couldn’t you also hide/prevent sending the mod message (especially now that discobot responds appropriately)? I also just changed discobot’s text a bit as an experiment on our site to see if a slightly different wording helps lower the volume.