Request: Onebox google finance (PAID)

How much would it cost to onebox google finance?

A link like this should show this:

I could support this with a small budget, but I have no idea how much work it is.


I think only

is needed. %3A is a colon.

May I ask this again? I’m still looking for someone to develop this.

Isn’t the Onebox stored in cooked? Meaning, the data would be out of date or stuck in time from the moment it’s posted. Is that what you want?


A onebox can be an iframe, so it is possible to have up-to-date information

However, given that google doesn’t provide any kind of embedding options, or an API, I think any attempt to get this working would be quite “hacky”…


Do you know of a different provider that would offer the same info and allows access via iframe?,Google,Yahoo!&Apple=AAPL%20&Google=GOOGL&Yahoo!=YHOO&locale=en&trendLineColor=%234bafe9&underLineColor=%23dbeffb&fontColor=%2383888D&gridLineColor=%23e9e9ea&width=1000px&height=350px&

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