Requesting Different Login Access

Currently my discourse forum is:

However I’m having issues login in and / or reseting password since SendGrid blocked my email for some odd reason.

My email (same as the admin account) works perfectly otherwise:

I’m the ADMIN and have another moderator as well - I need to regain access and change my admin email address to another one I have access to and I can then reset my pass - to regain access to my admin account…

Can someone help?

You’re self-hosted, so you just need to do something like this:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rake admin:create

You can enter your email address there and change your password (or any user’s password. It doesn’t have to be an admin).

Changing the Email address is harder.

Something like

./launcher enter app
rails c

Might work, but that’s more of a hint than a solution.

Easierr would be to create another admin account, log in with it, remove admin privs from that account, change the email address, then make it admin again.


I’m not sure if Sendgrid has this option, but in Mailgun’s admin dashboard you can find the addresses that are blocked/suppressed and remove them. This typically happens when a user accidentally marks email from Discourse as spam.

Perhaps this: