Requesting 'fluid' ad size for DFP/Ad Manager

Unless I am overlooking something, there is currently no way to serve native/responsive ads from Google Ad Manager. The only options are for fixed sizes.

The line in the Google Publisher Tag looks like this for native/responsive only:

googletag.defineSlot('/123456789/ad-unit-code', ['fluid'], 'div-gpt-ad-987654321-0').addService(googletag.pubads());

And looks like this for mixed sizes including native/responsive:

googletag.defineSlot('/123456789/ad-unit-code', [[320, 50], 'fluid', [120, 90]], 'div-gpt-ad-987654321-0').addService(googletag.pubads());

I know I could manually put the full tags wherever I want with theme components, but then I wouldn’t get any of the other plugin features like no ads for certain groups, etc. I would be hugely appreciative if this size option could be added to the plugin.

Is that not this?

Or at least the right topic to be asking in?

No, that is for AdSense which does have a responsive size option in the plugin. DFP/Ad Manager is a different platform with different settings.

I’m aware that DFP is a different branch of their advertising platform, but it can also show Adsense units.

There was a specific change made to the adplugin when sizes aren’t specified which prevents the DFP unit from being seen:

I’m not using AdSense at all so that doesn’t help me. I show custom native ads and ads from a different network, which are all served through DFP. The size code for these in DFP is ‘fluid’, but this isn’t currently an option in the ad plugin.

The only way I can get them to display is to assign them an incorrect fixed size in DFP and then override the CSS in a custom theme. This does work in limited cases, but it’s an ugly hack and not very scalable.

When I tried to add responsive ad sizes to DFP in 2017, there was no “fluid” option. I’ll have to look at how it works, and keep in mind that AdSense responsive ads changed recently.


Is there a reason for the plugin to be setting sizes at all? I noticed in the other topic you said that if multiple sizes are set it rotates through them evenly. This explains another problem I’ve had and is behavior I don’t want. If I have 10 ads in size ‘A’ and 1 in size ‘B’, I don’t want those sizes to have equal representation.

I already have very granular control over everything in Ad Manager, so I really don’t need or want the plugin to do anything more than display the ad units from the tags I generate. Is there a way to do this and just display it in an empty, unsized div?

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@torsi I added support for fluid ad size to the plugin. When chosen, it won’t set a width or height on the container. I would appreciate it if you could test it out.

I spent most of my time trying to setup a fluid ad in Ad Manager, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. I got stuck in the Line Item step after defining my native creative using html + css, I have an Order for it, I have an Ad Unit for it, but it’s still complaining about needing creative. Looking at the Line Item page, I have no idea what to do. So I can only verify that the plugin doesn’t set width and height on the container, but don’t know how to see a fluid ad delivered from Ad Manager. If that’s not good enough, I’m going to need help with Ad Manager.


Yes, this now works. Thank you so much!

I can also confirm that getting fluid line items to work in Ad Manager is annoyingly obscure and not well documented. You need to explicitly target all creatives to the ad units or they won’t be recognized.