Require ARM64 Support

Hi Team,

I am trying to use discourse over ARM64v8, but it seems its latest version does not have arm64 support available. A few gems are unavailable on arm64.

I tested an older version of discourse ( v2.0.0) over arm64 successfully, and with this version, the same unavailable dependencies are getting installed properly using bundle install and executed bundle exec rake test also.

Do you have any plans for supporting discourse on ARM64 again in the latest version?

Please share your thoughts on this.

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See Apple M1, Docker arm64 emulation


Hi @odidev - are you talking about Apple Silicon (M1), or Linux ARM support?

The topic @merefield linked has all the details on M1 support. I don’t think we’ve ever intentionally supported Linux ARM, but it’s certainly possible that we got lucky in the past and things were working.

Are you able to share a list of the gems that are failing? PRs to fix up ARM support are certainly welcome, although I don’t think we can guarantee ‘official’ support.