Require staff approval for wiki edits in selected categories

I would like to see something to keep some category’s topic edits under control.

In my community we have todo/guide category with staff “seal of approval”.
We want to make all topic in this category wiki mode for community to be able to update guides but then we don’t have under control what changes are being made.

Option in category settings to require staff or selected group approval would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Staff (and tl4) can edit it without making it a wiki.

By community I meant all users other than TL4.
I have no problem with TL4 users (in our case it’s 0,35% of all users) but I want to give ability to contribute for rest of users (TL0, TL1, TL2) but with staff approval for each change that they submit.

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Oh. Sorry. I somehow missed that bit. There’s a lot I don’t know, but I think that’s going to be pretty hard to do.

It’s a feature request category so I think it’s proper category for that :wink:
Besides, there is already review queue and post flagging, I think it can be mixed and changed somehow to offer this functionality.

Maybe I can contribute this feature via PR if some of more knowing of Discourse internals tip me at which parts of code I should look at (I’m not a rails regular).

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This is something I’d like as well. Kind of like stackoverflow I suppose.

Would be sweet to let TL1 be part of it but they might not always write the right thing, then you don’t know how long it takes before someone reviews the change

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+1 Would be great to have some sort of approval system so that lesser trusted users can still contribute to wikis.

A scenario like:
TL1+ can contribute, TL3+ or OP can approve changes. If the editing is done by the OP, then require no approval.

+1 this kind of feature would be great!