Required Question Mark in Topic Titles

What would you like done?
A plugin that places a question mark “?” at the end of topic titles and is mandatory (user cannot delete it or create a topic if they delete the preplaced question mark) OR in Quora, you can delete the question mark and also post a question without it. That is significantly easier than having it there but not allowing the user to remove it (as it’s just pre-filling the topic-title input with a question mark).

  1. The question mark should appear inside the topic title input. However, I’d like there to be placeholder text within the title input until the user begins typing. Once it begins typing, have the question mark appear:
  2. The cursor should appear before the question mark when the title input is focused, as stated above, it should still display the placeholder text, however, once the user begins typing, the question mark should appear and the cursor should appear before it.
  3. The cursor (being inside the topic title input) should be moving along as more text gets typed, always in front of the cursor.

When do you need it done?
A week.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
$300-500, however, please give me an estimate so I can try to grow my budget if possible.


I can help you with this. Sending you a PM :slight_smile:


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