Requiring users to set a custom avatar before posting

Hey everyone. This seems like a nice feature I’d love.

I have 3,000+ users on, but many of them have never set a profile pic. And it just makes it look better if they would. I now send them a welcome message like

“I see you haven’t set a profile pic yet, please do it now :)”

But it’d be even better if I could stop people from posting and alert them to set a pic first.

Obviously this should be optional.

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How would you feel about

I see you haven’t set a custom avatar yet, please do it now

as a posting prerequisite here?

I have to wonder what the priorities are, discussion or images

For my #1 thing I would recommend fixing before even thinking about this is choosing the correct resolution avatar on the front page (accounting for retina)

You can see my theme for how to do this kind of stuff:

Ah nice!

I have no idea how to customize Discourse though, I’ve Googled a lot but I couldn’t find newbie-friendly tutorials to change the templates (handlebars?). So all customization now is through on-load JS, not great but I don’t know another way.

My theme is a tutorial of sorts, if you read through the site customization you will see what needs changing.

If you convert your existing customization to one like @sam details in his topic, you won’t get that pop-in effect when you visit the topic list.

@pieterhoogenboom Let’s chat; I could probably be convinced to take this on for a nominal sum or nomad brownie points or something.