Restrict the users to post in the groups who haven't uploaded their profile picture

I wanted to implement a way that users should not be allowed to post if they have not uploaded a profile picture.
They should get the message: “Please upload a profile picture and complete your profile before you can start working on this site”

Is there any way with which I can implement this?

I don’t believe there’s a way to do that through the existing settings, so will likely need a custom solution. I’ll slip this over to dev to see if that can get you some answers. :+1:

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Hi, let’s forget the custom message. But is there any way to force users to complete a particular profile field before they can start posting?
Ofcourse we could make it part of signup process, but I want to allow the users to hang around before forcing them to complete profile.

The only default fields when registering on a Discourse forum are:


You can’t fill in data like avatar, bio, location, etc, during signup.

The only sign-up fields that can set as mandatory, besides the default ones except Name, are custom fields: Create and configure custom user fields

Alternatively, Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙 may help but I never used it, so I won’t know if it will address your request.

From what I’ve explored, this is ok. You can create a wizard that is required to fill in when registering, and allow skipping, and set “automatically adding to group” after compete.

However, it would be the most convenient if Discourse Automation could one day sync badges to groups. :slightly_smiling_face:

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