Reserved username name wildcards - didn't trigger

Hi there

I found a similar thread to the issue I’ve just experienced.

In the settings, reserved usernames was set to disallow a specific prefix for users. It was only two letters but they are the abbreviation of a client’s company name, which for this purpose I’ll call AB*. This was put in place in May 2020 according to the logs.

But a user has registered recently (3 days ago) with a name of Absupport (note the lower case “B” compared to the reserved list).

Does casing make a difference here? I obviously thought the wildcard would have prevented this, but it didn’t. It did silence the user because they typed too fast, but I would have expected the username to not have been registered at all. Or am I misunderstanding it?

Any input/guidance appreciated.


Your issue is that you should provide the reserved word in lowercase.

When checking for username availability, the code normalizes and converts to lowercase the username to check against the reserved words. However, the reserved words are only normalized.

There is room for improvements to make the description clear or simply convert the reserved word to lowercase as well. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Arkshine - that explains it then!

I’ve updated the reserved username and all good - username has been blocked all OK. The suggested username is a little odd though, but that doesn’t cause a problem :sweat_smile:


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