Reset button should not appear in the same location as confirm/cancel buttons


Excuse me if there is an existing post for this, but I couldn’t find one.

I don’t believe that the reset button in the Admin Settings panel should appear in the same location as the confirm/cancel buttons as it could easily cause you to lose your setting with a simple double click brought on by loading times, twitchy fingers, etc…

Let me demonstrate:

This just happened to me for that exact scenario. I had a long list of whitelisted onebox domains, and lost them all because of a funky loading issue/impatient fingers. I actually don’t remember reset auto-confirming either, meaning that when you click reset, even though it flashes the confirm/cancel buttons it doesn’t actually allow you to choose one. I can’t say I have used it enough to remember how it always performed, however. If it’s always been that way, I’m not sure that it should be.

It’s not a top priority, but I would recommend simply moving the reset button to a slightly different location to avoid this potential issue, and maybe not auto-confirming on reset?


Maybe the reset button should just reset back to the default values and present the save/cancel buttons, so you would have to press reset and then have to save values to actually overwrite your values.

And this part also so that you would have to move the cursor to get from the reset location to the save location.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

It doesn’t need to be moved. There could just be some counter-measures added in:

  • If reset is clicked within 1 second of saving, it will trigger a “are you sure? yes/no” confirmation dialog instead of friction-free rollback.

  • OR, make the button dimmed-out and unclickable for the 1st second (as opposed to completely hiding it, as that might induce a feeling of unresponsiveness).


It happened to me once. You can find your old list in Logs > Staff action
A simple Copy/Paste should do the job


Thanks for the tip! I did not know that.