Proofread text feature: View changes - what does the cancel button do?


What is the cancel button expected to do?
I expected that I can either confirm or cancel the changes. However, cancel seems to just close the dialog and I still have to use revert to get back to my original text.

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Is the modal from the “View Changes” action?

AI actions

Then, it just closes the modal. In this context, “Close” would be more appropriate.



That would describe better what it does.

I think I expected it to revert the changes because the menu

AI actions

offers confirm and revert. The view changes option also allows to confirm so I expected those buttons to work similar. So the other one had to be revert.
Is there an advantage of having only the option to confirm and close?
Maybe it would also be possible to make the cancel button work like the revert button and change the text to revert. Then both dialogs would contain confirm and revert.
Otherwise the changes view could also only have a close button and you could only confirm or revert from the other modal


Thanks @Moin,

I’ve updated it to include the Confirm Revert buttons directly inside the modal.


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