Resource/Advice on how to change domains?

I am self-hosting an instance, using:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Mailgun
  • GoDaddy

My client now wishes to change domain to one hosted by

I set up the original install but cannot find a good resource for how to switch domains.
Is there such a resource out there, or could you give me some pointers?


I guess there are two things here, if you move the domain name with you, then you only need to transport your installation from one to the other. If you also plan to publish the service under different domain name, you need to adjust that and run the commands to rename the host. (rebuild if docker is used and remap soo @Moin link).

Are self hosting with docker?

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Many thanks! I’ll check this out and return.
I don’t have anything separate set up with docker, but see it updating when I update the discourse version, if that makes sense.

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