Restore "Guidelines"


I accidentally deleted the “Guidelines” post and now it doesn’t work when you press the “Guidelines” link under “About”.

How can I restore it or assign a different post for this link?



Good question.
I have no “Guidelines” in the About page, but let’s assume you meant FAQ. :slight_smile:

I don’t know any fast way to recover a deleted topic as they don’t appear in topic lists, as opposed to posts.

But they are auto-generated when a new Discourse instance is created. They may share the same ID on every Discourse instance unless the FAQ URL was manually changed.

Try opening and see if it opens the deleted FAQ topic.

If you want to link FAQ to a new, arbitrary URL, you can look for the faq url site setting :slight_smile:

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it may be in deleted topics list https://your_forum/latest?status=deleted

i wonder if running the setup wizard again would generate a new one? :thinking:

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Out of curiosity, and if you’re talking about the FAQ as I think, how did you “accidentally” delete the topic? Automatically generated topics like this one can’t be deleted from the interface.

We’d be glad to hear more about your context, so it can be helpful for others in the future :slight_smile:

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it’s the Guidelines link on the About page. i just looked and it’s missing. that may be an added page somewhere because i don’t recall that link to an actual guidelines doc ever being there. some forums call the FAQ guidelines so at first i thought there may be a translation issue.

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Hello again. Based on your profile’s URL field:

The page you’re talking about is which has a specific URL.

We need to need more about this page to be able to fix your issue. How was it created? Was it a Discourse topic?

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FWIW You get that added page when you add an URL to the faq url admin setting:

The ‘Guidelines’ in green goes to the regular FAQ topic, and the ‘FAQ’ in blue goes to the link you placed in the faq url setting.


ok well i learned something today and also that is confusing.

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Yes! @JammyDodger I think I did that, because I wanted to use a forum subcategory as “FAQ” (

That probably created the “Guidelines” link, which is very useful. I think it was created in the “staff” category. However I deleted that post and I would like to recover it if possible.

So, I am trying to recover the regular “FAQ” post.

I am new to Discourse and I made the mistake of deleting all the default post that were created because I thought people could see them.



Theoretically you shouldn’t be able to delete those through the UI, but I think there’s some useful info in this post that may help: