Restore: uncompressed file to big

Hey there,

I’m probing a restore on a migrated forum. The restore package is around 25g and when trying the restore it fails with this message in the log:

[2019-11-24 08:33:00] The uncompressed file is too big. Consider increasing the decompressed_theme_max_file_size_mb hidden setting.

I only found some code references on github with this setting and found some traces of hidden settings needing to be set via console but didn’t find a way how to do so. Also what are resonable values for this setting means what should I try to increase it to?

Any hints are appreciated.

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I also found that one which should be in 2.4.0 beta 7 if I got it right (and which is the version I’m on)

So it’s probably the backup value I need to rise, not the one for the theme, right?


Yeah, the error message is wrong. I’ll change it. You found the correct setting.


ok, but how do I set a better value? :wink: I just didn’t yet use the console to change settings and somehow couldn’t find out how to do so until now.

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Looks like I got it done. In case someone finds the thread, this is how i got it working:

# ./launcher enter app
# rails c
# SiteSettings.decompressed_backup_max_file_size_mb=999

Instead of 999 you should use a value that fits your backup size (decompressed). I set it to 1TB (1000000) as I wasn’t sure how big my 22GB (compressed) backup is when it’s not compressed anymore.


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