Restricting number of pm threads between two users to one

Dear Discourse Community

This is my first post on discourse meta, please let me know if I am posting in the wrong category or if the question has been answered - I couldn’t find any topic about this though.

We built a forum for our community, slowly migrating everyone and everything from facebook… and we absolutely love it!!
One thing that I personally and a lot of our users find quite unintuitive though is the way pms look. The text bubble plugin doesn’t seem to work, which is a shame but not that important either.

More confusing to us is the fact that you can start multiple chats with the same person. So if I’m looking for a link somebody sent me for example, I first have to know which chat to look in. This is very different from other platforms such as facebook and I think we would largely prefer to restrict pms between to users to only one, which would have the other person’s name as a title and that when you would click on the ‘message’ button it would redirect you to this one chat instead of starting new one…

Is there any hope that this could be changed one day? We also have some software developpers in our community, do you think this change woulc be feasible at all?

Thank you very much


I can understand why this would be confusing coming from Facebook; the difference is that personal messages are built as topics, which are more like email than chat.

We are working on a chat plugin, which would behave more like you’re expecting where you only have one ongoing “chat” between two users. We don’t have a specific release date for chat yet, but hopefully we can start testing it out publicly within the next few months.