Restrictions on login_required.welcome_message

I’d like to create a more substantial message for users that visit our private forum’s login page.

Ideally, I’d like to embed a YouTube trailer for our gaming community, but the YouTube embed doesn’t seem to work pasted in this space (either as a direct link using the lazyYT plugin or with an iFrame).

What is permitted in the “Text Content” fields? Are there some hard limits on the styling it accepts that are similar to the restrictions on topics? Why do active account plugins not work on the page generated automatically (i.e., for visitors accessing our domain?

I don’t know what you mean by login page.

But if you mean the Create Account modal there is a plugin outlet in it that might work.

I put a div in it and made the div 400x600 px to see what it would look like.
With some clever CSS you might be able to be bang into something acceptable.

No he means the login required landing page for a private site.

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Yes @codinghorror is correct. I mean whatever is generated if you, for instance, visited our forum right now.

You’d see a slightly modified text that I customized by editing “login_welcome.welcome_message”.

I’d like our landing page to feature our community’s YouTube trailer video.

Unfortunately, the plugin for lazyYT that automatically renders YouTube links into video in topics doesn’t work on this page, no matter what elements you customize the welcome message with.

I’m afraid @Mittineague I don’t know what a modal is, but the limitation seems not the be the CSS (some limited amounts do work) but rather that the welcome message doesn’t use plugins at all when rendering the customized text?

For the moment it’s all a bit beyond my understanding of how things get generated on the site.

Hmmm. I’ve never seen that page. but then my localhost isn’t “private” and I’m usually logged in as one account or another.

It looks like that page is using static.hbs which does indeed have a plugin outlet

<div class='container'>
  <div class='contents clearfix body-page'>
    {{plugin-outlet "above-static"}}

    {{#if showSignupButton}}
      {{d-button action="showCreateAccount" class="btn-primary sign-up-button" label="sign_up"}}

    {{#if showLoginButton}}
      {{d-button action="showLogin" class="btn-primary login-button" icon="user" label="log_in"}}

Other static pages do use that template - FAQ, TOS etc.
So care would need to be taken to specifically target the login page.

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I have just had exactly that developed. Take a look here
You can set background image and a youtube video


@Angus has just shared more information on how to implement this here:

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