Rethink for discourse

Hey, the discussion in our forum tends to get flamey from time to time. I was thinking: how hard would it be to make a plugin like rethink for discourse? Maybe a simple plugin that can be turned on when there seems to be some “flame in the air”. The plugin would request a popup verification that your message is good manners & stuff…


There has been discussion of a lockdown mode for contentious discussions:


(What is that boingboinb-forum?)

@codinghorror mentioned at that forum that “The key observation is that regulars, known users, are generally OK and can be trusted with these kinds of topics but the general public… notsomuch”. I’m not really sure that this applies to our forum. As our forum tries to be a bridge builder between several extremes, flamy discussions take place every now and then. I don’t want to throw out our regulars because the friction inherent to our forum simply appears.

I’m pondering how “high risk discussion mode” would work.

  • HRD level 1: popup when sending message to verify that the message is good manners (maybe popup could show the message you’re responding to and ask whether your message responds to it?)
  • HRD level 2: trust level limitations & new user limitations
  • HRD level 3: N minute time limit for the same user to post multiple messages (e.g. 10 minutes)
  • HRD level 4: temporarily closed thread

I’m thinking that the high risk mode could, at first, be simply manually turned on and at different levels (by admin/mods, maybe even leaders (TL 4)). The next phase would be for it to be automatically applied with an algorithm.

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A complement to (http, not https; take care).

I suggested an example of how the process might work:

I’m wondering if such a diluting job would be too heavy on discourse?

I’m also torn on whether to continue this discussion here or in that other thread…


It’s unclear how rethink works. Maybe put some screenshots in here of how it works?

I know ReThink only from the link above given. The basic idea of ReThink app is, as written there:

The program detects when a user types something potentially offensive, and asks in a pop-up window, “Are you sure you want to post this message?”

Here’s a screenshot (taken from the link in the first post):

Of course, this is only one idea how “woooah slow down mode” could work.

Seems a bit primitive and goofy to me… something like civil comments is more sophisticated.