Retrieving post.raw only works right after creating post

Hi there,

At the moment I am working on an extra PostMenuButton. Funny thing is that the Cooked post is always available but the Raw post is not!

Running discourse version [v2.3.0.beta8 +103]

<script type = "text/discourse-plugin" version = "0.1" >

  api.addPostMenuButton('trimetrack', attrs => {
    return {
      action: 'createTimeTracking',
      icon: 'calendar-alt',
      className: 'time-tracking',
      title: 'time_tracking',
      position: 'first'
  api.attachWidgetAction('post-menu', 'createTimeTracking', function() {
    const post = this.findAncestorModel();
    alert("Raw post: " + post.raw);
    alert("Cooked post: " + post.cooked);

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create theme component with code as shown above.

  2. Create a new post, do not refresh, click the calendar icon.

  3. See the alert pop-ups.

  4. Refresh the page. Click on the calendar button again for the same post.

  5. Now the post only has the cooked content available, raw content is not getting through.

I hope anyone can either spot my failure or confirm the bug :slight_smile:

This is by design, we prefer to keep our topic payload smaller so if you need raw you have to ask for it on-demand.

Otherwise we would be shipping data to all clients that they do not need the vast majority of the time.


Thanks for your reply! Now I can stop wasting time :slight_smile:

Ahh that makes so much sense!

Could you point me in the right direction to retrieve post data from javascript?
I had a sort of workaround to get the .json by retrieving the /t/raw/{topicid}/{postid}.json but that was really ugly and there must be a better way.

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Yeah that is pretty much your only option.


Thank you. I will make my workaround less ugly and post it here when finished!


Is this still true? When editing a post the request is to e.g. /posts/13.json

Is there any JS API for that? Or any JS API for making an authenticated request?

@Mathijs_V Would you share your code?


That’s how i did it at the moment:

import {ajax} from "discourse/lib/ajax";


let post = this.findAncestorModel();
ajax(`/posts/${}`, { type: "GET", cache: false }).then(
  (result) => {

Taken from here: discourse-checklist/checklist.js.es6 at a94022393c1fd290e492688041896d4392129052 · discourse/discourse-checklist · GitHub

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