Return/enter in search box doesn’t trigger search

At least in Safari on Mac and iOS, I’ve noticed that hitting “return” in the search box on the search results page doesn’t cause a new search to happen.


Reproduced in Firefox on Windows. The drop-down that you get on clicking the search button on desktop works, but the search box in the actual search page doesn’t respond to pressing Enter.

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Thanks guys. This is a known (Meta specific) issue. We’re working to upgrade Ember to version 3, and are currently testing this change out here on Meta. We have a fix for Enter not working on the search page, but need to do a bit more testing before it’s deployed. Should be out by next week - things are a bit slow right now with many people out for the holidays.


Sure @joffreyjaffeux can you close this one when complete?

Fixed and deployed. Weird, I could swear I had fixed it…