Starting search with `/` (slash) puts a `/` in the search box

If you type a / to initial a search, a / ends up in the search box and you have to hit backspace to remove it.

This is true on meta.


Yep, can repro here.

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I’ve noticed this as an issue here on meta, but not on other Discourse sites running 2.2.0.beta7.

Discourse 2.2.0.beta7 - version 25269a37aa240f59c7929afd5c386d9050016614

Perhaps an ember3 issue then? That’s the only difference I can think of…though we’ve started rolling out ember3 to our other hosted sites. cc @joffreyjaffeux

Yes it’s ember3 I think, no repro on master.


Will be fixed at next deploy. Thx.


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