Revealed spoiler text is no longer styled differently

Marking text as a spoiler blurs it. But clicking it to reveal the text used to keep that text styled differently (dark grey in the built in dark theme) so it was obviously still spoiler text. I noticed just now on that this is no longer working. Now the revealed spoiler text is displayed just like normal text, making it impossible to visually distinguish after being revealed.

For example:

This is a spoiler.

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But if you pressed it to reveal text surely you can remember it is a spoiler? I didn’t like it when it was grey it’s more visible and you can now quote it. Both aspects of normal text. I can see your confusion.

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The reason the text was grey originally was so that it could appear on both light and dark backgrounds. That workaround hasn’t been necessary for quite a while so I updated it to use our default color variables while I was in the process of fixing another issue.

I assume once something is unspoiled there isn’t much of a reason to differentiate it, but if I was wrong about that I wouldn’t be opposed to changing it back.

There’s also a quick CSS fix that can be implemented now:

.spoiled {
    color: $primary-medium; // can replace this with whatever color you want

Honestly, it was most useful in post previews when I’m reviewing the post to make sure I spoilered everything correctly (but still had to click the spoiler to reveal for proofreading). I’ll probably get used to it though, so I’ll report back in a week or two if it seems like a big issue.

Also, being able to easily quote spoiler text is a huge win, so I’m thrilled that that works now!


@awesomerobot Using this for 4 days now, I think it’s a nice change overall.

I just realized that this only works if you highlight text from outside the spoiler section as well as text from inside the spoiler section. Would it be possible to improve this so you can quote text that’s entirely within a spoiler section? The problem right now is that highlighting text in the spoiler section (and nothing else) registers it as a click of the spoiler section, so it re-blurs the spoiler and doesn’t pop up with the Quote button.

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