Review: Literate Computing = A+ For vB To Discourse Migration

Hey everyone, just wanted to leave a review on our forum migration from vB to Discourse!

For some background, our group of forums has been around for quite a long time. Always on vB and always a bit behind on updates because we ran a long outdated mod that Frankensteined them together. And as the forum -> Facebook trend accelerated a few years ago, our efforts to keep things current decelerated. (… cheesy automotive jokes from automotive forum guys…)

After finding Discourse and deciding it was the way we wanted to go to refresh the forums, we turned to Jay @pfaffman (Discourse Migration – Literate Computing, LLC) from Literate Computing to do the work. After a few minor hiccups (and in this game there always are) I’m happy to report our community is up and running and we’re very happy with the results! Jay was excellent to work with and very responsive. If anyone needs this work done I highly recommend him!

And special thanks to @hawk who answered all my Discourse n00b questions :+1:

We look forward to using Discourse for years to come!


Awesome news! Congratulations.

And you’re totally welcome. :slight_smile:


Thanks, @OnyxZ32! Glad I could help!