RFE: category templates chosen by tag

This is a slightly different take on Multiple templates per category:

Rather than a drop-down list of templates, I’d like to see different templates based on the tag. A use-case example: for Fedora Magazine, we have a category that’s part of our new article proposal workflow. It would be nice to have different templates for 1) different types of articles (news, howtos, interviews, etc) and 2) ideas/suggestions that aren’t whole articles.

I would expect this to work in conjunction with required tags — the text entry box would be unavailable until a tag is selected, (perhaps with text “Please select a tag to get started” or something).

I don’t know how multiple tags would work; could be one of

  1. It wouldn’t (only one tag with an associated template for that category allowed with this on)
  2. First tag wins, other tags with templates ignored
    3.If you add a second tag with a template, that gets added to the message below any existing template or text.