Rich Texteditor

Hello, fellow Discourse users, admins and whatnot.
I’m fairly new to Discourse and I was wondering if Discourse supports something like a rich text editor.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about an example can be found here: BB Code Editor
I would love for my forum users to be able to format their text, color it, change the size or even be able to embed videos maybe.
Is there something like a plugin or addon?
Thanks in advance!

You can already embed videos and images by pasting the URL to the image or video on a line by itself.

For formatting options, use the editor toolbar or see

What about textcolor?

You could try the bbcode plugin

It lets you post bbcode tags like

[color=#F00]F00[/color] and 

Thanks, @Mittineague for the plugin suggestion.
Though I really dislike having to use BB Code and all this fancy stuff when there could just be a better editor that allows for all this by clicking buttons. This makes it a lot easier for users to change the formatting and is self-explanatory. Most of my forum users won’t ever know how to properly use BB Code, they do know how to use Word though I suppose and therefore how to click a button to change the font color and size.
@codinghorror do you think something like this could be a future feature-implementation?
Best regards.

There are many topics here in Meta discussing why a WYSIWYG editor isn’t a planned feature.