WYSIWYG Editor Plugin

This is work in progress, please give me some thought. :smile: :muscle:


Intriguing! Are you planning to eventually open source your work?


I would love to do so.


Awesome. Please update us here when you do. I’m very curious to find out what libraries you’re building this on top of. I always thought Prosemirror would be a good foundation for WYSIWYG in Discourse, since it is also using @vitaly’s excellent markdown-it library.

Also, are you doing this as a personal project (i.e. for the fun and challenge of it, and scratching an itch) or is this work being sponsored in some way? I ask because within the Meta community there’s huge interest in rich editing, so there are a couple different avenues we could explore to support this work.


This is kind of personal project, I am in the middle of converting my own forum into discourse, but Markdown would be big obstacle for my users, that’s why I have been doing this (on spare time).
This editor intents to be compatible with Discourse, I am challenging with quotes and Markdown, so far so good. :muscle:


Hi folks, should we allow editing text inside quote? it is currently allowed to do so.

I do this regularly. Sometimes to fix a typo, sometimes to add emphasis. Sometimes to add ellipses when removing parts of the quote for brevity.

So, it’s nice to have. But I don’t think it’s must have if you’re looking for ways to cut scope and get an initial release out sooner.


Alright, have that done. I am making way to insert text before and after quote blocks.

If you want more feedback, we can set you up with a public demo instance on Digital Ocean. There’s going to be a whole bunch of people around here eager to try it out. You can send me a PM about it.


This is what would happen when quoting more while the cursor (of the editor) is inside another quote.


Things done recently:

  • Copying / pasting rich text.
  • Quote editing.
  • Adding/Removing link.
  • Rich text to markdown conversion to save to the database.


any updates to this?

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I know there have been discussions, I still think a WYSIWYG editor would make it easier for the nontechies.

Did you run out of steam? Or why are there no updates lately? I checked the video and it looked pretty good.

I am afraid that here there is an enormous chasm between “pretty good” and “good enough”. There are lots and lots of edge cases that make this such a hard problem, our editor is super rich.

Overall, we find that many non-tech communities get used to the current editor and almost never complain about it.


I support a WYSIWYG Editor for future versions of Discourse Forum.
This would make editing much easier and the screen size could be better used.


Any word on what happened here? The video demonstrates a working, excellent feature. The repo is here: https://github.com/quangbuule/Discourse-BEditor


I’d also happily turn wysiwyg mode ON for both our non-technical community and project management community. Turning it on in the latter would allow us to bring the client’s team on board and let them contribute to discussions in there.

I am working on a wysiwg editor plugin at the moment. Please read about the details in this thread:

you can also write test posts on

although this link might change/break later ( its my personal dev instance until my site is launched).

It works already quite well, but certain discourse additions to markdown are still only visible in the preview until I switch over to html only posts. But I recon thats okay for beginners as they wont use these features anyway.