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Hi @pmusaraj,

I am also running Discourse ver. 2.8.9 and getting the “Translation YAML invalid” error when installing the theme. Can you confirm if the issue is with the Discourse version?

Hi @salbertelli :slightly_smiling_face:

This theme component isn’t compatible with the Stable branch. You would need to change to the tests-passed version, or hang on until the next Stable release early in the new year. :+1:


Great component here!

I would like to make the right sidebar stay at 320 px and collapse the sidebar at a wider width than it does right now. What css would I use to do this?

I have tried a bit but I am struggling to get it to work correctly.

That’s great news! Thank you so much for the confirmation and for providing the eta of the next stable release.

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Hi @JammyDodger,
Happy New Year!

There’s been a recent bump in the Stable release to 2.8.14. Is this the next Stable release version you meant would be compatible with the Right Sidebar Blocks?




No, this component will only be compatible with the next major version bump to stable, so stable 3.0.0 and higher. (The good news is that that bump is coming very shortly, most likely in a matter of days.)


It has arrived! :tada: :slight_smile:


That is wonderful news!! Thank you so much for that update!!!

Wonderful!!! Thank you, @JammyDodger for the news !!!

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Is there a way to put the sidebar on the Left for RTL websites?
A right sidebar with a vertical menu also on the right isn’t great, the main body ends up being too far to the left.

I haven’t tried it, but flipping the placement of the main column and the sidebar should be doable in your theme with just CSS. Can you give that a try? At the moment, there are no plans to add RTL-specific support to this component.

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I’m not very familiar with CSS, do you have something I can start with?

No, sorry, I don’t have anything ready-made.

Hello, it seems workable :slightly_smiling_face:

Add this to a component. Desktop > CSS

@media screen and (min-width: 767px) {
  .tc-right-sidebar {
    html.rtl & {
      float: left;
    + #list-area {
      html.rtl & {
        float: right;


Thank you!, that worked!

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would be an idea to grant trust levels to view?

currently our site is private, but the right sidebar shows all info still for non logged in users, which creates a privacy issue.

Can we lock it to appear for only trust levels and which levels that can view it,

Many thanks

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Just a thought. What about implementing maybe a swipe right to summon the sidebar on mobile?

Can’t it be displayed on the category list, I installed it here and feel like I haven’t installed it

how do I let it also show up on the topic page? I mean the discussion page like what we are seeing now.

Adding the sidebar to the topic view is not supported by the component (there’s much less room available for a column).

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