Right way to customize login page and others things

Good evening. I wanna know the right way of customization of the login page. I should made it like a plugin or from the admin page? And i wanna change the categories page, should i change it from the admin page, discourse core or plugin?

Whats your goal to customize the login page? You can easy add fields using the custom user fields. If you want more complex things, give the wizzard Plugin a try. Custom Wizard Plugin


Can you give more details on the type of changes you want to make? This is still too vague for me to give any advice. You should most definitely use a plugin, but what you might be seeking might also be possible via a Theme component. Without knowing specifics it is hard to direct you one direction versus another.


I need to customize the view of the categories page on the forum according to the picture attached.

The categories shown be shown at the top of the page. The latest posts should be shown under the categories.
I should make a plugin, or what?

There are category display settings to show them in a box format. You can get it to float using CSS but it will only show the latest 5 topics until they open the category


Can you give me a link about that decision? I don’t know where I can take it)

You might want to read this, which I think fits what you are looking to do, but just realize it is meant for sub-categories


Is there a way to customize the login page to display some custom html and logo so that search engines will pick it up?

I also need help with this.