Rocket.Chat SSO + embed plugin for Discourse

I think, yes! Thank you.

Have a problem with …

This is my chat window. :ok_man:

That looks like a configuration problem within Rocket.Chat which is out of the scope of this plugin topic. Do you have Allow user creation : enabled as specified in the first post?

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This switch must be activated as I understand it?
Otherwise the settings won’t work?

Now all is correct?

You are right, the CAS SSO must be separately enabled indeed. I have added it to the start post. Sorry for the confusion.

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How can you change the style of this title bar? Thank you.

You can style the title bar by targeting CSS .rocketchat-header in a theme component.


This looks fantastic. I had hacked together a flask server SSO middle man and tried to integrate things as best I could into the UI, but this is much nicer! I’ll be implementing this as soon as I get a few minutes.


I completely missed this since you edited the post. It does work now, thank you! The only issue I’m having now is with avatars not displaying. I’m using S3 and a CDN, should it work with this setup?

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It should, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an issue with this.
If you PM me with the details of the site I will be happy to take a look.

After I set up, the chat box button is not displayed on the page

What button?
We need more information, like the URL of your forum and what you did to set everything up.

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