Rounded Borders for images, oneboxes, blockquotes & more

Created a very simple component to change the borders of images, oneboxes, blockquotes and staff notices shown in topics.

Allows change of the following settings

  • set image rounding intensity
  • set image border width
  • set image border color
  • set onebox rounding intensity
  • change onebox border width
  • change onebox border color
  • change onebox background color
  • set rounding blockquotes intensity
  • remove left border from blockquotes
  • set ‘staff color’ rounding intensity
  • topic thumbnail support for:
    • list rounded corners
    • grid rounded corners
    • placeholder bg
    • placeholder icon color
    • grid topic title bg

Light mode with 10px rounding and no border

Dark mode with 10px rounding and 2px border

Including onebox support

Blockquote rounding (15px)

Or remove left border from blockquotes:

Rounded staff color

Support for Topic Thumbnails

List view


Grid view


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:link: Github Repo Rounded Image Borders
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Thank you this is quite nice.

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