Rounding issues with poll results

So here I am (again) trying to find evidence that the polls are uneven. Please note that there are 3 people voting on the poll. Two are 33% and one is 34%. Here is the evidence.

This was answered last time you asked the question. Do you have any further questions about this?


I think people would complain if they were all 33% … ‘where has the 1% gone?!’ … so I’m fine with the rounding the way it works.

Cute logo btw :slight_smile:


I’m guessing at the OP’s intent here, but I would imagine the concern is that while display rounding is arguably expected — in the example shown, one option is highlighted as winning, when it’s actually a three-way tie?

A poll based on 3 people is hardly something to draw many conclusions from though? What are the chances that after 33 responses you are tied 11/11/11? :wink:

Sure, I don’t think this is a significant issue, but I do understand how it could cause some confusion in specific circumstances.


As I said before we need decimal places to make things even.

Where did the missing ‘0.000001%’ go?! :wink:

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Even with this “more correct” example there’s still a 1 lost in infinity.

option A 33.3̅%
option B 33.3̅%
option C 33.3̅%