RSS feed or list of latest replies?

Hi, I might have missed this but… Is there a way to get a list of the last public replies in a Discourse instance? An RSS feed would be great. A list like Latest would do as well.

Note that this is about replies only, not new topics.

Use case: our instance aggregates many topics from other publications, and we have several subcategories silenced by default and not appearing in the homepage. This is good for our users (those willing to “subscribe” to one of these subcategories can do so) but makes a bit complicated to follow activity across the forum. WordPress has a relatively popular widget for last replies since forever, so I guess there are more potential use cases to track this kind of activity.

Yes, view source on the homepage URL to see the RSS feeds. Or point a feed reader to that URL.

As far as I can see, posts.rss will offer both new topics and comments. I am looking for comments only, not first posts.

The first post of a topic is a post.

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This statement is correct. :slight_smile: However, it doesn’t solve the problem that I’m stating in my first post.

I have clarified my first post referring to the concept of “replies”, which is more precise than posts or comments. Sorry for the ambivalence of my initial question.

You might be able to filter out first posts from the RSS feed in a post-processing step, but the only feeds we have right now are posts and topics.


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