Missing rss feed which corresponds to "new" topics


According to docs we have a lot of RSS-feeds:

But we are actually missing the


It’s easy to mix up “new” with “latest” (which works) but they are actually different:

  • New = newest topics disregarding from latest reply
  • Latest = topic with latest reply

See discussion with @hellekin here in the docs-topic.

To re-create

Go to: https://meta.discourse.org/new.rss

Received result

Page missing error

Expected result

A rss-file similar to: Discourse Meta - Latest topics

which corresponds to: Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse

or in our case to: https://meta.discourse.org/new


See also

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The rss feed is there, but you need to be logged in:

“new” = topics new to you…

I think you are confusing it with a feature we do not have :slight_smile:

Hmmm… yes, I think you are right. Sorry! :see_no_evil:

But is there a way to get latest topics (“new”) ordered by creation date disregarding last reply? (Without logging in)

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Global new.rss would be beneficial or helpful on RSS-readers. Or connect forums together, because federated way will not be that common, I reckon, and its target is different.

I don’t know how common using RSS-feed that way is either.

Exactly my use case as well. To show new conversations in an aggregated way.

https://meta.discourse.org/latest.rss?order=created ?



Sorry for not figuring out this myself. :see_no_evil: can we just forget about this topic?

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But it doesn’t work on category level, so this can’t be done?


And no matter ?order=created because latest.rss works just on forum level. Or am I again wrong?

Are you looking for https://meta.discourse.org/c/bug/1.rss?order=created?

I don’t even know what the heck is 1.rss.

I’m looking for solution to get all new topics from bug to my forum, as an early warnings. Do I need that? Absolutely not, because I’m visiting so often anyway. Do I want it? I can’t say that either because Discourse is mostly so stabil. But that would be nice to have, similar way what federating offers.

So you tell me what I’m looking for :joy:

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1 is the category id. I took that from the documentation

And then I added ?order=created, like sam did above.

You can easily get the id from the url when you visit the category for example https://meta.discourse.org/c/bug/1. You just add the .rss and the parameter



that is the route for unconditional latest, cause default may point to something else depending on top menu order.


no stress at all, this is quite a hidden feature in Discourse.


This is pretty cool. So this can be used internally and for external RSS readers? :star_struck:

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Very useful thread, https://SITE/latest.rss?order=created in particular is important for the common use case of “follow a discourse’s topics in my feed reader with stable ordering”.

(I’m assuming without order=created, order would get mixed up based on reply activity. But now that I come to think of it, I watch https://discourse.haskell.org/latest.rss with bazqux.com and have never noticed a problem.)

But I see it now. If you subscribe to one of these feeds without ?order=created, it will seem fine at first but as the order of items changes the feedreader and you will get horribly confused.

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