Rss for unanswered topics

I’d like to get an rss feed only for the unanswered topics with a tag e.g.
Is that possible?

Tried but the unanswered filter wasn’t added.

Yeah we have a custom filter for this called “solved”




Thanks Sam and Happy Birthday!

Ok, but can I use that filter (or the max_posts) in an rss feed - that doesn’t seem possible?

PS. I should’ve posted the links as code (updated them now).

I think the tag filters are a bit limiting, instead you inject tags into latest using this trick.

Thanks Sam,
I wouldn’t come to that.

I’m afraid it show the right items in the feed though.
This one is fine - it shows the right topics:
But the rss version to not respect tags=unsupported-install - it shows all from latest.

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I have a PR created to address this issue:

While looking into this I discovered that the .rss routes don’t actually call the same backend code as the .json routes do so this is why the behavior is a bit different and was ignoring the query parameters. I’m not actually sure they the .rss routes are different, but my change makes sure that the /latest.rss route will take into account any query parameters. If there are any other .rss routes you are hitting we may need to update those as well.


Great, thanks a lot @blake