RSS Polling: Convert HTML entities in the title of the post

Hi all. We encountered an issue in a couple of instances of our discourse servers when using the RSS-polling plugin. The posts were created fine but the HTML entities were not converted in the title.

This was causing errors where the title of the post converted from an RSS feed will look like this:


I have added a fix in the form of a pull request. I have tested this fix on our discourse instance and it works ok. It also goes and edits existing posts to fix the title if they are still present in the RSS feed.

It would be awesome to get someone to review the pull request and let me know if the fix was applied correctly.

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Thanks for doing this! We’ll get a member of the Discourse team to review the PR soon.

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I had the same problem but blamed my RSS feed: Discourse email notification shows HTML entities for ampersand etc - #7 by Jonathan5

I see your RSS feed is just like mine so I’d welcome your proposed change. (If I “correct” the topic title it’ll soon get changed back automatically.)

<title>Wellington: &#8220;Progress is hard!&#8221; Other cities: &#8220;Hold my beer&#8221;</title>